Siobhan Gallichan

NAME: Siobhan Gallichan

POSITION: Unintended. Oopsies

AGE: Ah, yes, well, er...ooh look, rocks!

WARNING: May contain nuts. Check use by date.

Viki Walters

NAME: Viki Walters

POSITION: South Canada Sea

AGE: Meerkats!

WARNING: American.

Robert Learmont

NAME: Robert Learmont

POSITION: Often sat down......oh ummm...... Big Finish type chap

AGE: Younger than Tony And Jo!

WARNING: I don't suffer from insanity I enjoy every minute of it!!!

Doctor Sinister

NAME: Doctor Sinister

POSITION: Would-be world leader

AGE: Classified.

WARNING: Comes complete with own volcano lair (made of lego)

Stephen Hatcher

NAME: Stephen Hatcher

POSITION: Hoovering

AGE: Ooh, old....

WARNING: Has a 'very nice beard'.

Stephen Hatcher

NAME: Kevin 'Jon' Davies

POSITION: Looking like Jon Pertwee looking like Margaret Rutherford trapped in a microwave

AGE: More then thirty years

WARNING: Will ask to plug in a video camera at the least convienient time.